Canarian Coalition asks Pedro Martín for a question of trust in the Cabildo de Tenerife

The Canarian-PNC Coalition group in the Cabildo de Tenerife has asked this Thursday the president of the island corporation, the socialist Pedro Martín, to raise a question of confidence because in practice “he no longer has a majority”, and if he does, “It’s taken with tweezers.” This, for his part, has accused the nationalists of constantly changing their opinion on different issues to “generate conflict” in the institution.

A train, a regasification plant and more tourism, among the measures of the PP to "to unlock" to Tenerife

A train, a regasification plant and more tourism, among the measures of the PP to “unlock” Tenerife

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The spokesman for the nationalists in the Cabildo de Tenerife, Carlos Alonso, has indicated at a press conference that Martín has a government pact “with a party that practically does not exist”, which is “in decomposition”, alluding to Ciudadanos, and with its other partner, Podemos, it is “continually at odds”.

Alonso has affirmed that the PSOE has become accustomed to losing votes in plenary sessions, the last one this Thursday when a credit modification did not go ahead to use the remaining treasury from last year endowed with 141 million, which is added to others related to the southern train, waste or the port of Fonsalía.

For this reason, he has invited the president of the Cabildo to seek “a more useful majority” for the island, and has guaranteed that his group is committed to reaching agreements on “the important issues” in this final stretch of the mandate, with a economic situation “very complicated”.

Carlos Alonso has indicated that if Martín had agreed with the opposition on the budget modification, it “would have gone ahead” to then justify the vote against CC on the grounds that all its resolution proposals were rejected. On the motor circuit, included in the actions benefiting from the budget modification, he has stressed the “absolute commitment” of his group with this infrastructure and has asked to flee from demagoguery.

Carlos Alonso has clarified on the question of trust that now asking for a government of concentration as he did in his day in the worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic “does not make sense” at this point in the mandate.

CC opens to agree with the PSOE if it dispenses with Podemos

Alonso has stated that neither he nor anyone in his group aspires to “replace” Pedro Martín as president of the Cabildo, and has opined that if the current president does not present the question of trust, it is for “fear” of losing it. In addition, he has considered that Ciudadanos “does not exist” and that his two advisers (Enrique Arriaga and Concepción Rivero) “are up to what may happen” in the rest of the mandate.

At this point he has opined that “the issue is not Podemos but the very fragile majority” that the PSOE has, and added: “We are not seeking to destabilize but to expand the majority” with which Martín governs and “reach programmatic agreements” to promote a “more useful” Cabildo.

Strategy, “generate conflict”

Pedro Martín has responded by making his “changes of opinion” ugly to the Canarian-PNC Coalition as a strategy to “generate a conflict” within the island government team. Specifically, he has referred to the nationalists’ vote against the promotion of the motor circuit project included in the budget modification that they knocked down with their votes against CC, PP and Podemos.

The socialist leader has said “he does not understand” how CC, which “seemed to defend” the motor circuit, “now opposes it simply to generate pressure on the government team”, which is “a bad way of doing politics”.

Pedro Martín has emphasized that this infrastructure “has been requested for a long time by the fans, the teams, the mayors of the south, I think the majority, and all the fans of Tenerife”. And for this reason it has advanced that the government group will bring it back to full.

“We are not going to give up the effort. We are going to take it back to full and I hope that this time we agree to give impetus to a project that has been waiting for too many years to start, ”he proclaimed.

Asked if before that he will try to reach an agreement with CC, he has indicated that “unfortunately” the nationalists “supported” the southern train, the port of Fonsalía or that the tram reached the Tenerife North airport and in all cases ” They changed their minds.”

He trusts that taking the motor circuit to a second plenary vote will make the nationalists “reconsider their position” on “a project that is not from a political party” but “has to be from the citizens, especially fans of the island engine.

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