Surprise two thieves robbing some friends’ house when they go to feed their pets

Agents of the National Police have arrested two 30-year-old men, both with police records for similar events, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of robbery with force in things committed in the municipality of Puerto de la Cruz.

The investigated events occurred during the morning of April 12 in a house near the Botanical Garden. A young woman, a friend of a couple who was traveling, went to their home to take care of her pets. Opening the door of the house, she heard noises coming from inside and two hooded men stampeded out, one of them with a large knife in his hands.

Very affected, she observed how these people jumped the wall of more than two meters that surrounded the house and fled on the run. Then, nervously, she brought the facts to the attention of the emergency services.

The national police began to investigate them to clarify them. Citizen collaboration, manifested through the testimonies provided by several citizens, together with the investigative work of the agents, led to the identification of the alleged perpetrators.

These were arrested on April 25 in the town of Puerto de la Cruz, making them available to the competent judicial authority after being heard in a statement.

The actions were carried out by national police officers from the Puerto de la Cruz-Los Realejos National Police Station.

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