Podemos criticizes the partisan use of the Guimerá Theater for the concert by Efraín Medina (CC) ‘Mucho + amor’

United We Can has criticized that the municipal government of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has used “for partisan purposes a cultural space of the history and prestige of the Guiméra Theater”, owned by the City Council, as well as institutional communication services.

The party has reached this conclusion upon verifying with “astonishment”, as indicated in a statement, how a concert was included in the program of the Guimerá Theater on April 16 by a well-known member of the Canary Coalition (CC), former vice president of the Cabildo de Tenerife and, currently, counselor of this political formation in this institution“. That person was Efraín Medina, who is also dedicated to singing boleros and acted in the aforementioned theater with Much + love, a show of 6,000 euros of cache.

United We Can assures in its note that it does not want to “enter into assessing their artistic gifts -an issue always subjective but in which there may also be objective criteria that are not at all favorable to the political artist, or the political artist-, nor, how could it be less” , continues the organization, “that Efraín Medina wishes to make his way in the world of music”. What he criticizes is that with public things “everything has a legal and ethical limit.”

What the party is denouncing is that the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, governed by the CC, “goes out of tune again and makes a show of it, in culture and in Culture (which seems the same, but is not the same), hand in hand with the councilor of the area, Gladis de León”.

United We Can points out that, with this, “CC demonstrates its null capacity to make a cultural program of a minimum quality at the height of the history of that theater and other cultural spaces in the municipality, which she and her party have been in charge of.” to, at times, trivialize”.

It seems a contradiction to the party that the mayor of Culture, “whose lack of interest in the Book Fair last year left the city without this prestigious event”, denounces United We Can, has shown an “unusual interest” in the concert of Efraín Medina, using public resources “at the service of his political co-religionists.”

Gladis de León came to celebrate In a statement issued by the City Council to announce the show that “receiving Efraín Medina on a stage like the Guimerá Theater is a privilege”.

“As Efraín has explained,” says the mayor in the note, “it is a proposal that emerged during confinement, a time that undoubtedly enhanced the creativity of many, with the result of shows as creative and enriching as this one”.

For United We Can, the person in charge of Culture of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has shown “to have a lot more than love” for the counselor’s show, “but very little love for promoting reading, as has happened with the Provincial Book Fair, whose importance After 33 editions in the capital of Tenerife, I was unaware”.

The party concludes its statement by recommending that the Councilor for Culture “read more -about the history of this fair and about ethics in politics-” and, in addition, “listen to more music”.

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