Several arrested in Tenerife for alleged fraud in health treatment for German retirees

Four people from Germany have been arrested in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) for fraud in the provision of health services to retirees from that country and that were provided without having authorization to do so, as reported by the National Police on Friday.

The treatments cost tens of thousands of euros, and sometimes exceeded 33,000 euros, indicates the Police, adding that the detainees, who are between 52 and 57 years old, are the two leaders of the organization and their partners.

The National Police considers this criminal organization to have been dismantled, which has allegedly committed crimes of fraud, threats, false documents, professional intrusion and against public health in the health field. For now, adds the Police, 16 injured people have been identified.

The investigation by the National Police, which continues to focus on the assets of the organization and its members, began last year after learning that a criminal organization, made up of German citizens and located in the north of Tenerife, is dedicated to commission of fraud in the health field.

According to the Police, this organization acted in such a way that one of its members, who is a doctor, captured potential victims, mostly elderly German residents, with high purchasing power and insured by German companies with significant coverage in their policies.

Patients were referred to another member of the organization for specialized care, such as physiotherapy or psychotherapy.

The supposed professionals who were going to carry out said treatments lacked the necessary authorization in Spain to carry them out.

The National Police adds that patients were charged with high-cost treatments that, in the best of cases, were only partially fulfilled, and sometimes they were administered drugs whose use is not allowed by the health authorities in Spain.

Added to this were the threats received by patients when members of the organization suspected that they had contacted the Spanish authorities or simply questioned the effectiveness of medical treatments.

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