The City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife paid “days ago” to the company awarded the security service the amounts to pay its security guards

The mayor of the City Council of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez, has requested this the embargo that weighs on the company Wednesday to the company SH Lanzarote, successful bidder of the security service, to pay the wages owed, since the consistory has paid “for days” the amounts for the payment to be made effective to the workers.

Bermúdez, in a statement, has assured that “the situation is not attributable to the City Council”, which has done all the processing with the Social Security Treasury so that SH Lanzarote does not question the payment of payroll.

According to the mayor, the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife was aware of the report from the General Treasury of the Social Security that enabled the bank to pay part of the payroll of the workers of the security company, whose account was seized.

This circumstance, he continued, is solved because the amounts were paid to the bank, so the workers must immediately collect their salaries.

Since last Monday, the City Council gave instructions so that as soon as the arrival of the report was certified, enabling the account for payment, the amounts withheld would be paid to the bank, a measure that has already been carried out.

In recent days, more than 250,000 euros have been released so that the company’s employees can collect, while it is being monitored in detail so that this situation does not continue to occur, according to the City Council.

The report of the General Treasury of the Social Security referred only to a part of the embargo of the company SH Lanzarote, so as soon as the availability of the Treasury of the Social Security was accredited, the City Council released the rest of the payment, add note.

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