The Cabildo de Tenerife promotes an interactive test to identify machismo in everyday life

The Delegate Council for Equality and Prevention of Gender Violence of the Cabildo de Tenerife, directed by Priscila de León, promotes the test Do you get entangled well in your daily life?with which young people will be able to check if they exist or reproduce sexist attitudes in their public or private relationships on a daily basis.

According to Priscila de León, the questionnaire is now available on the mobile application Get involved without machismo (ESM), with which it is intended to prevent gender violence among the young population, especially in the relationships of heterosexual adolescent couples.

The questionnaire is also still available in the App Do you get involved well with your partner?, which invites young people to reflect, “in a more playful way”, on whether they are building their relationships in an egalitarian way and without machismo. The test includes three levels of difficulty, with six questions each, which must be answered correctly to get a medal.

The application Get involved without machismo It also includes a guide and an information dossier that delve into the indicators of control and domination that are reproduced in young couples and make visible the myths of romantic love with the aim that women know how to identify what sexist violence is and what resources they have to his willingness to fight it.

“It is essential that women know about sexist behaviors and attitudes, that they do not naturalize inequality and that they know where they can go to report and request support,” says the CEO.

In this sense, Priscila de León explains that the Insular Guide to Gender Equality Resources has recently been updated, where users can find more than fifty public entities, women’s associations and private entities that work on equality on the islands .

This resource, managed by the Insular Center for Information, Advice and Documentation for Gender Equality (CIADGE), is now available on the Tenerife Violeta website (

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