CC postpones the electoral candidacy of the Cabildo de Tenerife until the summer while waiting for Carlos Alonso

Canarian Coalition has postponed until the summer “at the earliest” the debate on the electoral candidacy for the Cabildo de Tenerife and awaits the completion of the ‘reflection process’ of the island group’s spokesman and former president, Carlos Alonso. This is how the general secretary, Francisco Linares, exposes it in an interview with Europa Press in which he points out that “nothing is ruled out” because the party is “surveying and speaking” and also evaluating the “personal positioning” of Alonso himself.

Along these lines, he points out that the former president “planned to leave in June” but the management has asked him to finish the mandate because he is being “an extraordinarily forceful and clear spokesman and head of the opposition”, providing more than 1,000 measures to solve “serious issues ” on the island.

Linares points out that whoever is going to head the list will be “because he or she is the best to get the best possible result” and he is very calm because CC has a “good and powerful bench capable of jumping onto the field to be the starter and president or President of the Council”.

Thus, he comments that being an electoral candidate “is an act of one’s own will” and “no one” can be forced to head a cartel, which is why he indicates that “it is good” for Alonso to reflect, discuss the option with his family and draw his future. staff.

“We are calm because we know that if an incumbent comes out on the bench we have people prepared to head that list,” he highlights, while acknowledging that they are “excited” to govern the Cabildo again to “redirect” some things from Pedro Martín’s management (PSOE).

Questioned about his own political future and if he could be a candidate for the insular corporation, he comments that he has always been linked to “municipalist politics” and is “100% focused” on the Mayor’s Office of La Orotava and the party is always “willing” to perform any task in which “I can help”.

You can combine the mayor’s office with other positions

For this reason, he comments that given his “experience” he believes that he can “harmonize” several areas of responsibility, as has happened with the vice presidency of Fecam, and in reference to a possible jump to the Parliament of the Canary Islands.

Linares confesses himself as “a disciplined and orderly soldier” who will submit “to whatever the party’s organic apparatus says” because he understands that in politics “there should be no self-centeredness or personalism, people should not work for themselves but on what they believe”. “I believe in Canarian nationalism and in the CC model”, he adds.

The general secretary points out that CC is prepared for the next elections, with a campaign coordinator appointed and all the local committees of the island constituted, in such a way that between June 1 and November 30, each assembly must name its candidates to the Mayor’s Office, the Cabildo and the Parliament.

“We have had the machinery running for almost a year, now we are with surveys and have data, we want to put the best in the places where we have the best chance of being governed,” he indicates, admitting that the party is now “different” from the of 2019 because it has left many institutions behind “a common front” organized in the last elections.

However, he recalls that CC won the elections on the island with 45,000 more votes and has now gained more than 300 affiliates — it has almost 12,500 — “and with a new role” in the opposition that it has carried out “bravely.” and looking for solutions to the problems of citizens in a “constant” way.

In addition, he comments that CC has not “dismantled” and has strengthened “organic life” despite losing the “institutional shield”, with 800 work meetings and people with “desire” and a “huge illusion” with the future, something that will be made visible in an act with 1,000 people on April 23 at the Teobaldo Power auditorium in La Orotava.

“Organic life cannot be with zoom, it must be in acts in which we can see each other and hug”, he stresses.

He foresees a great result: “They are missing us”

Linares maintains that his party is “very well positioned” to obtain a “great result” in the island sphere and recover the Cabildo, both because of what the polls say and what they “hear” at sectoral meetings. “They are missing us with respect to that insular government of proximity, of daily contact and continuous kicking,” he explains.

Thus, he believes that “at least” they will maintain the six regional deputies and will repeat or increase votes on the island, coming out “first” in the Cabildo, and they are “excited” in municipalities such as Puerto de la Cruz, Tegueste, La Guancha or The victory. He insists that they are the “enemy to beat”, and in the specific case of the Cabildo he points out that he has the “gut feeling” that they are going to get an important result backed by the work of their three former presidents – Adán Martín, Ricardo Melchior and Carlos Alonso–, which will allow them to “continue doing things and rectify some errors of the current governments.”

He maintains that the Government of Pedro Martín is “weak” and is weighed down by “internal problems” that affect the “crucial decisions” of the future of the island, giving as an example the announcement of Sí Podemos to fail the vice president, Enrique Arriaga (Cs ).

Linares remarks that for eight years there were CC-PSOE governments in the Cabildo “that were stable” and now Tenerife “has lost position” in the Canary Islands as a whole, so he hopes that after 2023 a stable government will be formed and that the president or the president “be from CC”. “We’ll see what the electoral puzzle is, but we are open to agreeing with everyone, as always,” he says.

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