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La Pasión de Adeje 2022 celebrates its 25th edition this year, making the leap to the cinema. This new format, a consequence of the pandemic, combines a cinematographic part and the direct one on the street. The film will be released next Friday, April 15 at 12:00. The final product can be seen live on Canarian Television, and the social networks of the City Council. After its premiere, it can be seen on a deferred basis on the rest of the channels, Mírame TV, Canal 4 Tenerife, Canal 10TV and 13 TV nationwide. People interested in attending the live show at the Plaza España in Adeje can do so by previously reserving their free ticket through Tomaticket. The capacity is limited.

The film lasts one hour, after which it will be linked to the live performance in Plaza España. People who watch it from their homes will not see the broadcast interrupted at any time, achieving a sequence shot that engages the two realities. For people who are in Plaza España, the City Council has provided two giant screens so that they can follow the film.

A total of 300 people have participated in La Pasión this year, including the cast, technical team and City Hall staff. The political leadership has been in the hands of the Mayor of Adeje himself, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, and the Councilor for Culture, María Clavijo Maza. while Alberto Álvarez has been in coordination and production. Film and theater director Abraham Gómez Rosales was chosen to direct the film, as he had training and experience in both artistic languages.

The technical team was completed by the lighting and photography director, Gabriel García, the sound director, René Martín, costumes, Dolores González Saavedra, scenery and props, Juan Correa and Roberto Melo, script, Cinthia Maan, hairdresser, Víctor Herrera, and makeup Agustín Padrón (Skippy). On the other hand, the making off has been in charge of José Miguel Chinea, Sebastián Hernández and Mónica Radován. The production companies responsible for the shooting were A4K Film Producciones and OSSO Audiovisuales, with Juan Antonio Rincón and Óscar Sosa behind the cameras.

Timeline of a movie

The first meetings for decision-making began the second week of January, when the name of the director, the announcement of a casting and the main locations were considered. The casting has been one of the novelties of this year, a total of 160 people signed up to play the main characters. Remember that La Pasión de Adeje is performed by amateur actors and actresses from the area. In this way, the role of Jesus Christ fell back on José Antonio López, who has already announced that this will be the last year that he plays the main character. The actress who will give life to María in this Passion of 2022 will be Ana Niebla, who has already played this and other roles since the beginning of this theatrical activity in 1995.

Other main characters have been distributed as follows: in the role of Pilate, Bruno Negri; Claudia is played by Monica Panizzi; An incredible Caiaphas has been brought to life by Roberto Melo López, a resident of Adeje who has also participated in various editions since La Pasión began and who even played Jesus in the first editions.

Among the cast we also have Nicolás Túbas in the role of Anás, who has already given voice to other characters in previous editions; On the other hand, María Magdalena is a new addition with Nadejde Susana; Herod is brought to life by Jordan J. Marín Elejardes, who actually went to the casting for the role of the apostle, and finally, Herodias will be seen played by Esmeralda Valle Méndez Darias, another of the actresses who has participated in La Pasión since 1995 and that in other editions she played María, among other characters.

Rehearsals with the cast took place the first two weeks of March, and filming was concentrated in the last fortnight of the same month. The editing and post-production of the film has been completed in just 10 days thanks to the effort and great commitment of both the director and the production companies, A4k Film Producciones and OSSO Audiovisuales.

In record time, the gear of the technical team and the cast together with the City Council’s own muscle both at a logistical and human level, has made it possible to carry out a project of this magnitude that aims to be a historical heritage asset for future generations of adejeros and you will

The film is also planned to value the landscape, environmental, historical and tourist heritage that Adeje has. For this, the locations have been carefully chosen so that they meet the expectations of the film and the historical context of La Pasión, but also to give a small sample of the great value and diversity of the municipality. Proof of this are the locations in the natural area of ​​Teresme, Boca del Paso, Camino de la Virgen, Playa de La Enramada, Diego Hernández, La Quinta or Tijoco La Hoya. Among the buildings we have some as symbolic as the Casa Fuerte, the Convent, or unique, such as the Aqualand for one of the Pilate scenes, or the El Mirador and Bahía del Duque hotels. It was possible to recreate the Mount of Olives thanks to the collaboration of the Noel estate, located in Tijoco, which has a large olive grove planted for oil production.

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