The Bishopric of Tenerife admits a case of abuse, already judged, in the Seminary of La Laguna

The Bishopric of Tenerife has reported a case of sexual abuse of minors in the La Laguna Seminary, which was detected in 2018 and was tried in March of last year, and has encouraged anyone who is a victim or aware of a situation of this guy in the Church to denounce him.

A former seminarian in Tenerife is on trial for stealing intimate information from some 40 colleagues

A former seminarian in Tenerife is on trial for stealing intimate information from some 40 colleagues

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The Diocese of Tenerife has referred to this issue in a statement released this Wednesday after the Radio Club Tenerife-Cadena SER radio station released this week the testimony of a former seminarian in relation to alleged sexual abuse of minors at the Tenerife Seminary.

In this regard, the Bishopric indicates in the statement that the case to which the station refers was already tried and sentenced in March 2021 and specifies that the complaint had been received by the rector of the Seminary in October 2018 and, after verifying its plausibility , the bishop of the diocese, Bernardo Álvarez, immediately reported him to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

In the ecclesial sphere, the accused was also convicted and expelled from the Seminary, he adds.

alleged computer crime

On the other hand, in October 2018, the rector of the Seminary also reported a possible computer crime to the police, which is currently in court.

According to Cadena SER, it is about the “hacking” of computer material with at least 40 people affected in the Seminar and that could be related to relationships between minors and adults, which is being investigated by the Computer Crime Brigade and will be clarified in an oral trial. open to a former seminarian accused of “discovery of secrets” on May 22.

For its part, the Bishopric of Tenerife in its statement encourages anyone who is a victim of abuse, or is aware of any within the Church, to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor and with the Office for the Protection of Minors. the Diocese.

Cadena Ser has broadcast since last Monday the testimony of a former minister who spent seven years in the institution and recounts the alleged abuses he witnessed.

Although the Bishopric indicates that the accused and convicted of the case of sexual abuse reported in 2018 was expelled from the Seminary, according to the station he is still in the environment of the Church in La Palma and collaborates in the tasks of the mass of a priest of the island.

Likewise, Cadena SER affirms that the defendant for the theft of information of intimate content, despite having been denounced, is welcomed in the home of a priest in Tenerife without having been completely expelled from the Church environment.

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