“He must continue to be mayor of Santa Cruz”

The mayor of La Orotava and general secretary of the Canarian Coalition, Francisco Linares, has assured in an interview broadcast on the Twitch channel in good hours, of José Luis Martín, that his party has “four or five people on the bench” to assume the position of candidate for the presidency of the Cabildo de Tenerife, all “willing to leave whenever it is urgent”. Among the possible candidates, there are rumors about the election of José Manuel Bermúdez, Rosa Dávila or Linares himself.

Regarding Bermúdez, the Orotavense councilor pointed out that “he is the best candidate to continue being mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, without a doubt.” “He has many subjects that are not yet finished, he has spectacular projects, he is a man who has joined the municipality in an exemplary manner and, if I have one thing clear, it is that he should continue to be mayor for the next four years,” he said, ruling out his candidacy for the Cabildo.

According to Linares, “it is not clear” who will be the candidate. “We have opened the term to start holding assemblies from June 1 and we are going to close that term on November 30” to elect a candidate and a project. “For now, we are going to wait to see what Carlos Alonso wants to do – spokesman for the party in the island corporation -, but what is clear is that the person who goes, whoever he is, is the best positioned, because for us he is a priority objective to govern the Island Council again in 2023-2027”, he concluded.

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