the Onesimo Redondo school is renamed La Rosa

It’s official. The management team of the CEIP Onesimo Redondo has reported this morning that the school is renamed “from now on” CEIP La Rosa, like the street on which it is located, in the neighborhood of El Toscal. This long-awaited change comes thanks to the Historical Memory Law, at the request of the School Council and after receiving approval from the Santa Cruz City Council and the Ministry of Education.

MAP |  Complete list of the Francoist vestiges in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

MAP | Complete list of the Francoist vestiges in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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It should be remembered that Onesimo Redondo Ortega was one of the founders of the Hispanic Action Boards (JCAH), the predecessor organization of the National Syndicalist Offensive Boards (JONS), a primeval expression of Spanish-style fascism. The JONS would work with the Falange in 1934, creating the Spanish Falange de la JONS, a party that joined the rebel side in the Civil War. Onesimo Redondo, considered by the Franco regime as the “caudillo of Castile”, died in a shootout at the beginning of the conflict.

The CEIP La Rosa was the first public school in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, coming into operation in 1899. It was designed by Antonio Pintor y Ocete and was initially called Grupo Escuela del Norte. The building was executed following eclectic postulates.

Francoist monuments in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife still concentrates around 80 representations or exaltations of the Franco regime that do not comply with the Law of Historical Memory. This follows from the catalog of vestiges that was released last February by the Vice-Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

among the vestiges that must be permanently removed from public space are monuments such as the Monument to the Fallen (1947) and the Monument to the Caudillo (1966), sculptures such as the bust of Joaquín Amigó de Lara (1986) or objects such as the propeller of the Canarias Cruise , inscriptions such as the plates of the National Housing Institute (1957) or the tombstone of the Fallen of Igueste de San Andrés (1975).

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