The Government of the Canary Islands will expand the Hospital del Sur de Tenerife with a new building and an investment of 40 million

The Minister of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, Blas Trujillo, explained this Tuesday in the Parliament of the Canary Islands that the Canary Health Service will undertake the extension of the Hospital del Sur de Tenerife with the aim of turning it into a third level center, the third with which the island would have, the other two are the University Hospital of the Canary Islands (HUC) and the University Hospital of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria (HUNSC).

To do this, a new building will be built, through an addendum to the agreement with the Cabildo de Tenerife, which will allow the surface of the current center to be increased by 20,000 square meters and another 8,000 to reorganize the spaces, until reaching a total surface of 47,000 square meter.

According to the counselor, this infrastructure will involve an investment of around 40 million euros and will allow the incorporation of new care services such as adult and pediatric Intensive Care Units (ICU), specific Pediatrics area, Dialysis service, Day Hospital and the expansion of the surgical area and other services such as Pharmacy, in addition to creating technical and support areas such as warehouses, workshops and administrative and management areas that will complete the regionalization of specialized care in Tenerife through its geographical approach to the population of the southern and southwestern regions.

According to what he said, this new building would be connected to the rest of the buildings currently in operation, creating a total solution for the hospital needs of the citizens residing in this area, collects a note from the Ministry.

service portfolio

Blas Trujillo reported that in the surgical block of the Hospital del Sur, surgical interventions are carried out in the specialties of Ophthalmology, Gynecology, General Surgery, Traumatology, Dermatology and Urology, this specialty being the last to be incorporated into the hospital’s portfolio of services, while that it is expected that in the short term the Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery services will begin.

During the second half of 2021, the professionals at the hospital center have performed a total of 1,856 surgeries, including extraordinary, ordinary and urgent.

In total, the Ophthalmology Service has carried out 1,097 operations, 114 in Gynaecology, 447 in Dermatology, 147 in Traumatology, and 51 in General and Digestive Surgery.

In addition, in the last semester of 2021, more than one million laboratory studies have been carried out; 80,894 functional tests in the Specialized Care departments of the Cardiology, Dermatology, Digestive System, Gynecology, Pulmonology, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Rehabilitation and Urology Services and approximately 40,000 radiodiagnostic tests have been carried out, including simple radiography, ultrasound, mammography, tomography computed tomography (CAT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

More than a thousand emergencies

During the same period, more than a thousand Emergencies have been attended to, and 65,688 specialized consultations, of which 31,232 were face-to-face, 31,939 teleconsultations and 2,517 telephone consultations.

Currently working on the tender for a Dialysis Unit project that will cover patients in that health area, and will be established in its own space, currently available, and has initially worked on 16 posts, in addition to consultations and devices specific to encourage home dialysis.

This activity represents an important advantage for users in the southern part of the island by improving accessibility to the health system and solving specialized care problems in their basic health area, avoiding transfers to receive care in these specialties.

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