Rescued a child who wandered barefoot, in pajamas and disoriented in the middle of the night by the TF-5

An Agent of the Civil Guard, on March 30, while going to her job, found a minor on the roadway of the highway in pajamas and disoriented.

While driving along the highway, he observed that other vehicles made a sudden maneuver towards the left lane, verifying that on the roadway there was a minor, barefoot, in pajamas and disoriented, walking on the right side of the road.

The agent stopped her vehicle and tried to talk to the child, who ignored her instructions, so she continued until she gained his trust, in order to retain the minor and prevent him from continuing on the road, putting his life at serious risk. , taking into account that the events occurred at dawn, so the vision was scarce, as it was still at night.

The agent announced what had happened to the Civil Guard Operations Center, knowing at that time that the minor’s parents were looking for him.

The parents had reported the disappearance of the little one, upon verifying during the night that the minor had disappeared from the house. They were the ones who sounded the alarm, filing the corresponding complaint and beginning the search for the child, both relatives and police officers.

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