A councilor from United We Can resigns in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for not feeling identified with the party

Yaiza Gorrín has resigned from her act as councilor in the municipal group of United We Can in the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This has been communicated through a statement this Friday, in which he explains that it has been a decision “considered and taken” in a common way with his colleagues, those who were part of the founding of the party in the capital of Tenerife and also the that came later.

The old cracks in Podemos Canarias end their representation in Congress

The old cracks in Podemos Canarias end their representation in Congress

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The reason that Gorrín exposes for leaving her record is that she does not feel “identified with the organization”, both at the regional and state levels, “due to the operation and internal management that has been carried out from 2017 to the present in relation to the circle of We can Santa Cruz and with the militancy of the entire Canary Islands, in general”, he has written in his letter.

Gorrín was one of the eleven signatories of the letter in which Meri Pita announced her move to the Mixed group in Congress. The deputy, however, she did not leave her record, thus becoming a turncoat. A condition that she denies by assuring last Monday that “the minutes are not from the parties, they are from the citizens who vote for us based on the contract we have, which is called a program.” Podemos has already opened a file with the deputy’s membership suspension.

The former councilor assures that she and the rest of the colleagues who support her in her decision express their support for the “initial project” of the party, but consider that “at the moment, reality does not correspond to what this movement tool was meant to be.” popular”.

Yaiza Gorrín thanks the support in her resignation statement and “sincerely hopes that the mistakes made will be accepted, corrected and that the appropriate responsibilities will be cleared up so that in 2023 the long-awaited political change that we have been defending arrives.”

Until now, the municipal group of United We Can had three councilors in the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Yaiza Gorrín, from Podemos; Dolores Espinosa, from Podemos; and Ramón Trujillo, from Izquierda Unida, who is the group’s spokesman in opposition.

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