The ULL will accept Ukrainian students hosted by Tenerife families

Two families from Tenerife who have recently welcomed students from Ukraine have asked the University of La Laguna to admit these young people to the academic centre, to which they have immediately agreed and have asked the Medicine student Anastasiya Mayorova to act as interpreter.

The announcement has been made by the educational center after announcing that the rector of the University of La Laguna, Rosa Aguilar, has met this week with two Ukrainian students who are studying at the institution to find out about their situation and lend them their support.

They are Anastasiya Mayorova, a medical student, and Oleksandr Novykh, who is pursuing a doctorate in industrial, computer and environmental engineering. There are some more, very few, with whom it has not been possible to contact, the educational center has specified.

Both students have resided in Tenerife since 2015. The first arrived on the island with her father, who already has Spanish nationality, and the second has been granted permanent political asylum, since the conflict on the Crimean peninsula, where he comes from, broke out a year before and, when he refused to accept the Russian passport, he was prevented from returning to his country.

In fact, Oleksandr Novykh told the rector that he came to Spain to give a lecture as a university professor, repeatedly expressed his displeasure at the Russian annexation and, by refusing a new passport, it was impossible for him to return. After a stay in Finland he has ended up in Tenerife, where he currently lives.

Anastasiya Mayorova, for her part, explained that she lives with great concern what is happening in her country, although she breathes “somewhat calmer” since she knows that her mother managed to flee and now lives in Germany, where she has volunteered. to help all refugees.

At the same time, the University of La Laguna has reported that it has agreed to the request of two families from Tenerife who have recently welcomed students from Ukraine and have requested the admission of these young people to the academic centre.

The appropriate procedures are being carried out to ensure that this is the case and the rector asked the two students she received this week, but especially Anastasiya, to act as a translator for the new students and help as much as possible with their adaptation on campus. .

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