He robs at knifepoint in a store in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and faces the police after a chase

Agents of the Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife arrested this Sunday a 44-year-old man who, brandishing a large knife, stole the contents of the cash register of a multistore located in the neighborhood of Peru.

The man, after being intercepted by the police, offered resistance and even threatened the agents with a knife.

This police service occurred around 7:00 p.m. when a local police patrol from the capital was driving along Islas Canarias avenue and observed a man who was hooded and running towards the Cruz del Señor.

Given this attitude, the police decide to follow him and a chase begins on foot through various routes until reaching him on Santiago Beyro street, where he confronted the agents and brandished the knife, with a 31-centimeter blade.

Despite this, the policemen managed to snatch his weapon and retain him, being supported for his arrest by another police force and once reduced he was transferred to a health center.

During the mandatory search, the economic amount, in bills and coins, of 256 euros was found in the pockets of his pants.

After meeting with the employee of the premises where the robbery occurred, the agents verified the origin of the money and, given the woman’s state of anxiety, they requested the presence of a health resource, which ended up evacuating the girl to a health center due to symptoms. of great anxiety.

The owner of the store took over the business and the detainee was brought to justice.

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