“You can’t put turbo in Santa Cruz and idle in the rest”

The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, has criticized this Thursday the president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, for pretending to be above the law regarding the Francoist vestiges, in reference to the removal of the monument to Los Caídos, among others.

Bermúdez has made statements to the media after the president, in the debate on the state of nationality, stated that all traces of Francoism must disappear. towers pointed out that the catalog of vestiges must be applied, that is, eliminate all Francoist remains. “But without a doubt,” she insisted. Because, “he who doubts,” he added, “creates a feeling that you can leave this here when it turns out that they are emblems that we have all democratically decided that they have to disappear” because they belong to “an era that must be buried so that they do not repeat again”.

“No matter how president of the Canarian Government you are, you cannot be above the law,” said the mayor, who has insisted that he is willing to remove that monument and other references to Francoism that exist in the capital, but according to what the law says.

In his opinion, “a bit of rigor needs to be applied”, since “everyone speaks and gives their opinion and nobody has read the articles of the law”, which, as he has insisted, urges the approval of a catalog of vestiges of the Canarian territory and not only for Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

He has denounced that the Canarian Government has not done the homework and has not brought a strategy to Parliament on this matter nor has it approved a regional catalogue.

Bermúdez has assured that he agrees to remove the Francoist vestiges, but “not to put a turbo in Santa Cruz and the idle in the rest of the municipalities.”

Likewise, he has warned that if the Government does not comply with the law, the City Council will go to court, since, he continued, if the law is not applied, legal uncertainty will be incurred that “those who do not want traces are removed.

“It’s not about doing things bravely, but doing things well,” he added.

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