Almost 60 kilos of fresh fish seized that were illegally marketed in restaurants in the north of Tenerife

During the past weekend, the Seprona patrol of Puerto de la Cruz, in collaboration with the Fisheries Inspectors of the Government of the Canary Islands, carried out several inspections in various restaurants in the north of Tenerife, specialized in the sale of fresh fish, as well as controls of vehicles in the areas close to the ports of landing of fishery products.

During these actions, the Civil Guard agents were able to verify that certain fishery products were being marketed illegally in some restaurants, as their owners were unable to document their origin, either with a purchase invoice, first sale note, etc.

In addition, the agents were also able to observe that other of these fishery products found during the inspections presented physical evidence of having been captured illegally, more specifically through poaching with a rifle. It should be noted that some of these inspected establishments had certain sanitary deficiencies.

In accordance with the aforementioned facts, the SEPRONA agents notified the owners of the restaurants of a total of six sanction proposals for the infractions observed: four for alleged infraction of Law 17/2003, of April 10, on Fishing in the Canary Islands , due to the lack of traceability (not providing labels or invoices) of the fish species that were available for sale; one for alleged infringement of Law 17/2003, of April 10, on Fishing in the Canary Islands, for the commercialization of fishing species caught illegally (rifle); one for alleged infringement of Law 33/2011, of October 4, General Public Health, due to the lack of hygienic-sanitary conditions for the storage of fish species prepared for commercialization.

Likewise, the agents of the Civil Guard proceeded to the intervention of the species that are detailed below: 18.49 kilos of old (Sparisoma cretense), 1.5 kilos of red mullet (Mullus surmuletus), 2 kilos of moray eel (Muraena Augusti ), 10.44 kilos of cuttlefish (Sepia officianalis), 16.83 kilos of baby squid (Loligo vulgaris), 2.5 kilos of limpets (Platella vulgata), 3.3 kilos of cod (Gadus Morhua) and 2.42 kilos of conger eel

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