Tenerife will have 12 treatment plants in 2024 and will be able to treat 100% of its wastewater

In 2024, Tenerife will have 12 treatment plants in operation, with which the Insular Water Council would have the capacity to treat 100% of the wastewater generated on the island. This has been highlighted by the island councilor for Sustainable Development and the Fight against Climate Change, Javier Rodríguez, who has estimated the investment required to reach these figures at more than 250 million euros.

Currently there are five treatment plants in operation, another five in the process of construction and two in project, compared to the four that existed in 2019, Rodríguez emphasized at a press conference on the occasion of the celebration, tomorrow, Tuesday, of World Water Day .

He pointed out that the current government team “understood from the first moment that it was not possible to continue living with this unfavorable situation of discharges along the coast of the island”. For this reason, he has said, there has been a “decisive” commitment to regeneration to transform this residual water into regenerated water that can be used, for example in the primary sector.

The island’s treatment capacity in 2019 did not exceed 25 cubic hectometres per year, which represented 40% of the residual water, while the forecast for 2024 will exceed 63 cubic hectometres per year.

The manager of the Insular Water Council, Javier Davara, has pointed out that the island’s treatment capacity will increase by 150% in five years, and “a large amount of reclaimed water” will be produced that will cover the water deficit. the next few years due to the decrease in the production of the galleries.

Among these systems, the extensions of the Urban Wastewater Treatment and Regeneration Plants (EDRARU) of the Northeast, Valle de Güímar and Adeje-Arona and the industrial ones of La Campana and Valle de Güímar have already been completed. These works have involved an investment of more than 66 million euros.

In the process of construction are the EDRARU of Santa Cruz, Arona-Este San Miguel, Granadilla and the EDRARU and collectors of the West, in addition to the Granadilla industrial estate, which will be able to treat more than 110,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day, one once they are operational.

And the project includes the EDRARU and collectors of the Valle de La Orotava and the collectors and the EDARU of Acentejo, both projects will exceed 60 million euros.

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