A dozen cafeterias in Tenerife put their ‘gourmet’ barraquitos on sale this Monday

The I Ruta del Barraquito, a commercial initiative organized by the City Council of Santiago del Tenida and which is part of the Nudo Poetry Festival, starts this Monday, the 21st, until April 3. This initiative will have the participation of 12 affiliated restoration establishments that are located in the towns of Santiago del Teide Casco, Arguayo and Tamaimo.

Thus, through this gastronomic event, the participating establishments will offer all kinds of creative proposals for what is one of the most popular coffee drinks on our islands and which will be the ideal accompaniment to enjoy the poetic encounter that the aforementioned poetry festival; which, after 5 years of development in Barcelona, ​​will be held for the first time outside of Catalonia and with the municipality of Santiago del Teide as the chosen destination.

In this sense, the participating establishments in this I Route of the Barraquito are: El Patio Bar Restaurant, Tropic II Cafeteria Bar, Santiago del Teide Restaurant, Cositas Creperie, Parada Bar, Soto Bar Cafeteria, El Café Bar, Plaza Cafeteria Bar, TropicArguayo Cafeteria , Tindaya Cafeteria, Tamay Restaurant and Arepera Girasol.

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