Three men are on trial for using an association as a cover to traffic marijuana in Tenerife

The Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will host the next trial against three directors of an association for medicinal and therapeutic purposes accused of using it as a cover to traffic in marijuana that they themselves grew in a greenhouse in Güímar. The Prosecutor’s Office requests seven years in prison for one of the defendants, the considered founder of the association, and six for the other two for crimes against public health and illicit association.

As stated in the qualification letter, the association in question was registered in the registry of Canarian associations, whose purposes would be the study, research and use of medicinal plants such as aloe vera, moringa, hemp or echinacea and their possible cultural, scientific applications and therapeutic.

Also, avoid the danger to the health of its users inherent in the illegal market of medicinal plants and promote social debate on their legal situation, apart from denouncing the arbitrariness that the different administrations and public powers or any person.

For the fulfillment of such purposes, the association could develop economic activities, acquire and own goods of all kinds and enter into acts and contracts as well as exercise all kinds of actions in accordance with the laws and its statutes. However, the association, with registered office at an address in Las Caletillas, Candelaria, lacked any effective associative activity or physical headquarters.

The Prosecutor’s Office maintains that the defendants took refuge in said association with the appearance of legality and a vocation for permanence to hide the marijuana traffic to which they planned to allocate it.

They jointly paid for the acquisition of the seeds and the cost of growing marijuana on a farm attached to the home of one of the defendants, in Güímar.

The judicial commission that intervened in the entry and search of that property seized almost 11 kilos of cannabis, three ozone respirators, a dehumidifier, a led light bulb, four drying racks, two temperature and humidity controllers, a timer current, three extractors and eight bottles of accelerating products for plant growth.

With the distribution of the seized drug, the defendants would have obtained an economic benefit of 17,495 euros, says the representative of the public ministry in the qualification letter.

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