The nationalist mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, willing to agree with Vox

The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, of the Canarian Coalition, has been open this Tuesday to agree, if necessary, with Vox if “a government program” is put on the table and respecting some “red lines” that could not be transferred.

The National Police disavows the Councilor for Security of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in her remarks against immigrant minors

The National Police disavows the Councilor for Security of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in her remarks against immigrant minors

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In statements to Cope Tenerife, Bermúdez has indicated that “there are things from Vox that he would never sign” and that they have to do with “respect for minorities” and “certain rights that have cost a lot” to conquer. However, he has added that if it is about “addressing certain solutions to certain daily problems of a city or an island, perhaps agreements can be reached on that”, he has said.

“Putting a categorical no or yes to all of this is not appropriate,” said the nationalist leader, who has insisted that “a government program should be put on the table” and establish “red lines”, such as the suppression of the state of the autonomies, something incompatible with his political formation, of marked nationalist character. In fact, in its declaration of principles, the Canarian Coalition defines itself as “nationalist and progressive and with a federal structure” and marks as “fundamental objectives the consolidation by democratic means of the Canarian Nation, as well as the recognition and defense of its identity as a sovereign people integrated into a plurinational conception of the state and a firm European sentiment”. Vox, on the other hand, not only detests the autonomous state, but has repeatedly spoken out against nationalist parties and against the inspiring principles of the current European Union.

Faced with this harmony of Bermúdez with Vox, his party has closed in on any pact or approach to United We Can, and this was reiterated this Tuesday in another interview on Radio Faycán by the secretary general of the Canarian Coalition, Fernando Clavijo, who guaranteed listeners that he would not encourage a pact with either of those two parties. Along the same lines, Carlos Alonso, the spokesman for CC in the Cabildo de Tenerife, also spoke in a debate after the mayor’s demonstrations on the same station.

José Manuel Bermúdez governs the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife thanks to a pact with the Popular Party and a turncoat councilor expelled from Ciudadanos precisely for failing to comply with the instructions not to support CC in its return to power through a motion of censure that was forged with the agreed resignation of an elected councilor so that the mayor who finally facilitated a motion of censure almost two years ago could take his place.

The mayor of Santa Cruz has been the protagonist in recent weeks of an intense controversy for his defense against the reports of the Canarian Government in the support of the Francoist vestiges that still survive today in the capital of Tenerife. It is the Canarian city with the largest number of elements of the old regime and the one that is furthest behind in the application of the Law of Historical Memory.

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