United We Can denounce the “worsening” of the cleaning service of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Ramón Trujillo, spokesperson for United We Can (Izquierda Unida, Podemos, Equo) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, denounces through a statement that the municipality’s cleaning and waste collection service “is getting worse and that the Bermúdez government does not know what do”. If during the first ten months of service management by Valoriza there were 435 complaints per month, in 2021 the figure rose to 553 monthly complaints. The figure reflects an increase of 27% and multiplies by fourteen the limit of 40 complaints per month to which Valoriza has committed.

Trujillo points out that, initially, the municipal government group justified the high level of complaints by arguing that the confinement saturated the bulky waste collection service. However, “reality has proved the municipal technicians right who, at the time, stated that Valoriza lacked the means to provide a service that would reduce complaints to a maximum of 40 per month.

The spokesperson for United We Can criticizes that the “solution” proposed by Carlos Tarife, Councilor for Public Services, in the last Control Commission, supposes that Valoriza permanently degrades the service for collecting belongings, which is what generates the majority of complaints. Public Services proposes that the collection of belongings only be done one day a week, in each district, instead of the planned five days a week.

Trujillo recalls that “the City Council technicians ruled that it was impossible for Valoriza to correctly attend to the collection of bulky goods and waste, due to lack of personnel and means. And, therefore, as there are no personnel or means, the solution for the Bermúdez government is to provide the service one day a week, instead of the agreed five days a week”.

United We Can point out that Valoriza obtained the concession for the cleaning service “offering a two million euro discount, on the tender price, and with the lowest offer of jobs of the five companies that aspired to the concession.” Likewise, in the last year, breaches have caused Valoriza to be penalized with more than half a million euros. So the company is providing the service with 2.5 million euros per year below the tender price. And he has asked for a rebalancing of the concession for almost one million euros per year, so far without success.

Trujillo points out in the statement that Valoriza provided jurisprudence indicating that it is legal to carry out the concession assuming losses. “Obviously, everything pointed to the fact that the offer made by the successful bidder, for cleaning and collecting waste in Santa Cruz, was clearly insufficient, they knew it and, furthermore, they knew that a scenario like the current one could occur.”

The progressive spokesman affirms that “more than 28% of the time for the concession of the service has already elapsed and that its operation has been deficient and has worsened. However, the municipal government lacks the necessary will to require Valoriza to provide an adequate service. And it still does not offer solutions to improve a service that generates complaints in all the neighborhoods of the municipality”.

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