A breakdown in the boat where he lived leads to the arrest of a German fugitive in Tenerife

The National Police has arrested a 43-year-old German citizen in Tenerife who had a European arrest warrant issued by the authorities of his country, after identifying him in the south of the island as a result of a breakdown in his boat .

The fugitive was wanted for several crimes against property, for which he could be sentenced to up to fifteen years in prison, according to sources from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Provincial Police Station.

The fugitive was sailing aboard his boat when, due to a breakdown, he had to be towed to the Amarilla Marina pier, in San Miguel de Abona.

Upon learning of this, the agents carried out inquiries about the identity of this person and the reason that led him to lead that nomadic lifestyle, indicates the National Police.

That is how they learned that he was wanted by the justice system in his country for different crimes against property, mainly theft, fraud and false documents, for which he could be sentenced to a total of fifteen years in prison.

To prevent him from fleeing once the boat was repaired, the agents established a device to stop him on the dock and did so when he tried to get on it.

The detainee, together with the report prepared for this purpose, was placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authority.

The actions were carried out by agents of the Judicial Police of the Provincial Police Station of the National Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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