These are the five gas stations with the lowest prices on the island

The price of gasoline in Tenerife, the same as in the rest of the Canary Islands, It is experiencing a gradual and notable increase in recent days, a fact that is also being reported in all the suppliers of the country and Europe and that is one of the consequences of the war in Ukraine, although that is not the only factor. Although refueling on the islands is still much cheaper than on the Peninsula, according to the latest update from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the average cost for a liter of 98 gasoline in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is 1.41 euros.

These are the five gas stations in Tenerife with the cheapest fuel this Tuesday:

  • CEPSA Los Realejos: At the gas station located on the Carretera General de Palo Blanco, nº 77, kilometer 1, fuel 95 is 1,165 euros per liter, the best price on the entire island, so filling the 40-liter Seat Arona tank would cost 46 .6 euros, 7.5 euros less than the regional average.
  • TGAS The Gorvorana: It is also located in Los Realejos, on the Icod-Santa Cruz de Tenerife general highway, at PK38.8. The 95 has a cost of 1,186 euros per liter.
  • PCAN El Rosario: Located on the TF-24 highway, between La Laguna and El Portillo, kilometer 5.5. Gasoline has a cost of 1,193 euros per liter of 95.
  • PCAN La Laguna: Also located on the TF-24 highway, the cost of a liter of gasoline was 1,193 euros per liter this Monday. The pump is located at kilometer 2.2 between La Laguna and El Portillo.
  • TGAS-TU CLOVER from Adeje. Located on the TF-1 highway towards Armeñime, at the intersection with La Caleta, this gas station has a liter of 95 to 1,195 euros.

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