The renowned Canarian botanist Wolfredo Wildpret already has his street in Tenerife

The Catedrático Wolfredo Wildpret road is already part of the street map of the municipality of El Rosario. Located in La Esperanza, between El Roquillo and Madroño Goteras streets, this street, recently urbanized, forms the border between the Villa and the mountain area, so it is not trivial that it was designated to pay tribute to the emeritus professor of Botany of the University of La Laguna (ULL), Wolfredo Wildpret. On the day in which World Nature Day is commemorated, the protocol act was carried out that materialized the unanimous agreement of the Plenary Session of the City Council of El Rosario in February 2021.

Present at the ceremony were the mayor of El Rosario, Escolástico Gil, the second deputy mayor and honors file instructor, Fidel Vázquez, the rest of the local government, the ULL’s Vice-Rector for Outreach, Internationalization and Cooperation, Lidia Cabrera, the justice of the peace, relatives, professional colleagues and neighbors who did not want to miss the tribute.

After reading the plenary agreement and the discovery of the plaque, Professor Wildpret was presented with a metope and an Esperance blanket, as a vernacular symbol of the Municipality. The first mayor Escolástico Gil highlighted the figure of Wolfredo Wildpret and explained that “it is no coincidence that we designate this street with the name of a person who has worked so hard for the conservation of the environment and for the dissemination of the Adelantado forest, since the La Fuente ravine that crosses our beloved forest, the one that Wolfredo, with his knowledge, has made me admire, if possible, even more.”

For his part, Professor Wolfredo Wildpret, a resident of Radazul for almost 30 years, acknowledged feeling “very grateful” for the recognition of the City Council and, after covering himself with the blanket of hope, recalled the image of his father with this same significant garment when he was just a kid. In addition, he had special words of affection for his wife, the professor of Botany at the ULL, Victoria Eugenia Martín, with whom he married in El Rosario, as he recalled, and to his son “who is a pro rosariero” .

Also the second deputy mayor, Fidel Vázquez, as instructor of the honors and distinctions file, took the floor to gloss the figure of the honoree, who, among other distinctions, is the Canary Islands Research Award, Honoris Causa doctorate from the Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany) and César Manrique Award for the Environment from the Government of the Canary Islands.

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