Ukrainians in Tenerife will gather in Santa Cruz and ask for weapons for the army and more pressure on Russia

Representatives of the Ukrainian community in Tenerife are scheduled to meet on March 6 in the Plaza de España in Santa Cruz to request maximum legal and economic assistance for Ukrainian refugees in Spanish territory, among other issues.

Lithuania offers Ukrainians trapped in Tenerife free trips to the Baltic country to seek asylum

Lithuania offers Ukrainians trapped in Tenerife free trips to the Baltic country to seek asylum

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In a statement sent this Thursday, the Ukrainian community on the island has declared that the invasion of their country by Russia has unleashed an unstoppable cascade of responses from the different countries of the world and from the most important organizations in the European region. The free world protests and wears itself out in speeches, the statement added, when the whole of Europe should say “I am Ukrainian”.

He points out that the Ukrainian people have shown their unwavering commitment to European democratic values ​​and have for years been enduring “Russian aggression against their freedom and attacks on their territorial integrity.”

Ukraine also wants to be part of the European Union and NATO as a country with a firm democratic conviction committed to the same values, says the Ukrainian community in Tenerife, which stresses that its Armed Forces “are fighting right now to defend those values Europeans, repelling the criminal attacks of the Russian army throughout our country”.

The fighting continues near the border with the Russian Federation and Belarus, the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov, the statement continues, indicating that “we do not ask them to fight for us.” “We have courage for that but the Ukrainian army, more than ever, needs the support of the citizens and governments of the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States to provide more weapons and means of defense,” he says.

Ukraine calls on its Western partners to help provide maximum support to the Ukrainian army in the de-occupation of the national territory, increase political and economic pressure on the Russian Federation and provide “maximum legal and economic assistance to Ukrainian refugees in the territory of the Kingdom of Spain”, he concludes.

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