The Cabildo de Tenerife rules out the burning of waste in the south of the island, according to the Arico City Council

The Arico City Council has reported this Wednesday that the Cabildo de Tenerife has ruled out thermal treatments (pyrolysis, gasification and plasma) for the treatment of 130,000 tons of waste per year in the Arico Environmental Complex. According to the Tenerife council, the winning joint venture has chosen to focus on recycling and treatment operations by biodegradation of organic matter, which will be more beneficial for the environment and the municipality.

CC-PNC, PP and Sí Podemos block the tender for the recycling plant of the Arico environmental complex

CC-PNC, PP and Sí Podemos block the tender for the recycling plant of the Arico environmental complex

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“Despite this, we continue to show our concern, since close to 600,000 tons of garbage are still being buried in Arico today,” the note adds.

In these processes, in the absence of oxygen and over several stages, the most degradable fraction of organic matter is transformed into biogas, a mixture of gases formed mainly by methane and carbon dioxide and by others to a lesser extent, explains the City Council of Arico.

The consistory recalls that a few weeks ago the plenary session of the Cabildo approved by majority, with the votes of CC, PP and Si Podemos Canarias, the suspension of the tender for including incineration among the processes of the new plant. Neighborhood associations had also rejected the work, as well as environmental groups, against this type of technology.

Thermal treatments (pyrolysis, gasification and plasma arcs) used in waste management are included in the energy recovery processes. Basically, what they do is burn garbage at high temperatures to get electricity and pour it into the network. The waste would no longer end up in a dumping cell, which is what the Cabildo wants to achieve. But neither would they solve the basic problem: the enormous generation of waste that exists in the Canary Islands (and in Tenerife in particular).

The mayor of the municipality of Arico, Sebastián Martín, assures that this is a victory for the municipality of Arico, since “a treatment of garbage that is potentially harmful to the environment is ruled out.” “The Cabildo must understand that we are committed to recycling, that it must also watch over the inhabitants of Arico and that they deserve consensus and agreements, not impositions,” the statement added.

He points out that the Arico government group “was against installing an incinerator in the Environmental Complex”, something they found out about “through the media” and warns that “it will remain vigilant in case they finally back down. and opt for thermal treatments against what is defended in the municipality, since the installation of this plant must obtain municipal licenses and the appropriate environmental impact studies”.

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