Surprised a 73-year-old man scratching his neighbor’s car in Tenerife

Agents of the National Police arrested a 73-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of damage committed in the La Cuesta neighborhood.

A neighbor reported that her vehicle had been intentionally damaged when it was parked in the neighborhood. The van had scratches all over it. In total, the damage was estimated to reach 800 euros.

The surprise of the agents came when they watched the footage of a security camera that showed an elderly neighbor leaving a building to throw the garbage. After leaving her in the container, before returning to his home, he scratched the complainant’s vehicle with a key or similar object.

The investigators identified the alleged perpetrator of the damage: a 73-year-old man, with no criminal record, who was arrested by the agents days later and, after being heard in a statement, released.

The facts, through the report prepared for this purpose, were brought to the attention of the competent judicial authority.

The actions were carried out by national police officers from the Judicial Police Brigade of the La Laguna National Police Station.

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