Urban planning confirms “perfectly legalizable” irregularities in the reform of the house of the mayor of La Laguna

The Urban Planning Department of the City Council of La Laguna has confirmed the existence of a series of “perfectly legalizable” irregularities in the execution of some reform works in the property owned by the mayor, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, and the Councilor for Culture, Yaiza López Landi.

Management has made available to the opposition political formations the file opened for the execution of these works, which were denounced in plenary session by Councilman Alfredo Gómez, who accused the mayor of having carried out allegedly illegal works in his home and that these had supposedly been authorized by the councilor for Urbanism, Santiago Pérez.

As reported by the City Council in a press release, on February 10, and at the initiative of the mayor himself, the managing director of the Planning Department, Santiago Pérez, “ordered an immediate inspection visit to the property, with the issuance of the corresponding report within the framework of a prior information file”.

From the City Council they indicate that after the issuance of the technical and legal reports “the urban discipline file began” and they add that the declared works “were not subject to an urban license, but to a mere prior communication, which has a technical report and favorable legal

During the inspection visit, other actions were detected, consisting of the placement of an aluminum door and execution of four steps to access the terrace, balcony enclosure, installation of a wooden pergola and laying of flooring.

Of these works, the reports indicate that for the most part “they are perfectly legalizable and it is only determined that the wooden pergola must be removed.” As for the balcony enclosure, the reports state that it still needs to be studied as it requires more technical documentation.

As of the opening of this file, a procedure is already instructed with the hearing procedures for the owners of the property so that they provide the documents and present the allegations that they deem pertinent in defense of their rights.

In view of the resolution, the mayor has stated that he will follow “the criteria of the technicians and officials of the Urban Planning Department, proceeding to the immediate removal of the pergola, given its nature of an easily removable installation, and initiating the procedures to request the legalization of the rest of the works in accordance with the established procedure”. “These actions have not involved the occupation of any additional square meters of the plot, located on consolidated urban land,” he adds.

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