Intervened about 270 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The Civil Guard and the Tax Agency have intervened in the Port of La Luz and Las Palmas a container containing about 270 kilos of cocaine hidden in sacks of sugar from Brazil destined for Guinea Conakry.

The risk analysis that is usually carried out on this type of traffic from hot ports in South America indicated that the container should be cautiously removed from its usual circuit to be inspected in depth.

In this way, the Fiscal Detachment and Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of the Las Palmas Command and a joint team of Customs Surveillance officials of the Special Delegation of the Tax Agency in the Canary Islands transferred the container to the facilities of the Border Inspection Point (PIF) of the Port of Las Palmas for a thorough inspection of the cargo.

The detailed inspection of the shipment revealed that a large number of bags, weighing about 50 kilos each, were contaminated with one-kilo pills of cocaine hidden among the bulk sugar and, therefore, detectable thanks to the rigorous inspection carried out.

The amount finally intervened reaches 268 kilos of cocaine, which has a high purity. The investigations are still open.

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