A school in Tenerife, among the 15 most demanded in Spain

The Lagunero Nuryana School appears in fifteenth place in the ranking of the 100 best schools in Spain published by the national educational center search platform Micole.

The platform, which contains 22,000 public, concerted and private schools throughout the national territory, makes a ranking from 1 to 100, ordered taking into account the number of requests that families have made in the web’s internal search engine, the number of times that have been marked as favorites and the average rating of the reviews.

According to all these parameters, the Nuryana, the first in the Canary Islands on that list, appears in the top 15 of the most demanded and best valued in all of Spain, despite the fact that the centers of Madrid and Barcelona have a larger population and, therefore, therefore, greater number of visits.

Academic quality, language level, facilities, the best offer of extracurricular activities or permanence are some of the aspects most valued by families when choosing an educational center.

For the director of the Nuryana School, David Luis Casado, being so well valued by families is a great satisfaction for the great work of the entire educational community, although “our main driving force is to be in the top 10 of our students and that we are his second home.

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