Rescued an injured paraglider in the south of Tenerife

A 20-year-old man had to be rescued this Wednesday after suffering a paragliding accident in the municipality of Adeje, in the south of Tenerife, as reported by the Emergency and Security Coordination Center (Cecoes) 1-1-2.

The event occurred minutes before 1:00 p.m., when the 1-1-2 operating room received an alert informing that a paraglider had suffered a fall and needed medical assistance and to be rescued after having fallen in a place of difficult access in Boca del Paso.

Rescuers from the GES helicopter located the area of ​​the incident, proceeded to rescue the paraglider and evacuated him to the Adeje Volunteer Fire Department helipad.

Once on land, the SUC personnel assisted the athlete and transferred him to a hospital after presenting a moderate upper extremity trauma. For their part, the rural agents took care to prevent the exit of other paragliders in the rescue area.

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