Everything you need to know about the construction of the new bus lane between Las Chumberas and Padre Anchieta

The Governing Council of the Cabildo de Tenerife approved yesterday, Tuesday, awarding the works included in the project to extend the bus lane on the TF-5, from Las Chumberas to the La Laguna Interchange, located in Padre Anchieta, for an amount of 403,259.13 euros; a lane of 1,850 meters of preferential use for buses.

The Island Councilor for Mobility, Enrique Arriaga, has pointed out that this lane “will make public transport more competitive, since the buses will avoid the retentions that form in the area and travel times by public transport will be reduced.” To which he added that it is essential to improve public transport access between the municipalities of Santa Cruz and La Laguna.

Enrique Arriaga indicated that the execution period of the work is four months and its commissioning “will be an important incentive for many drivers to leave their car and opt for public transport.” “This infrastructure, together with the burying of the TF-24 and the Padre Anchieta footbridge that are being carried out at the moment, are important measures that will alleviate the flow of vehicles that converge at the entrance to La Laguna through the Padre Anchieta roundabout. from the start of the next school year,” he said.

The bus lane for the exclusive use of buses will consist of two sections. The first of these will run between the Las Chumberas stop, on the TF-5, to Camino de La Hornera, and will rehabilitate the section of it that runs parallel to the TF-5 motorway. The second will also be preferential for buses and will extend the service road parallel to the TF-5 before its turn towards Cruz de Piedra, so that it links with the bus access lane to the Interchange at the height of the ULL Pavilion.

The island’s director of Mobility, José Alberto León, pointed out that the goal of the area is to go from the 3.2 kilometers of existing bus lanes in 2019 to more than 50 in 2023. “We are working to get Tenerife up and running and make each public transport with a quality service, fast and with greater frequency, becomes more attractive”, he affirmed.

In this way, two sections of bus lane are opened that will allow the buses to leave the TF-5 at Las Chumberas and access the La Laguna Interchange at times when the TF-5 gets stuck with traffic, which which will make lines 15, 20, 102, 103, 104, 106 and 108 more competitive with respect to private vehicles and, in general, all those that go via the TF-5 towards La Laguna and/or the north of the island.

Likewise, the Cabildo is processing the tender for the project that would extend the bus lane of the TF-5, between the University Hospital of the Canary Islands (HUC) and Las Chumberas for an amount of around 85,000 euros.

With this project to extend the bus lane, the current branch and service road that connects the University Hospital of the Canary Islands with the Guajara Campus, the TF-2 connection that links the South Highway with the North Highway and the shopping centers located in the area of ​​Las Chumberas. The work would begin in 2023 and would be financed by European Next Generation funds, for an approximate amount of 4 million euros.

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