The National Police denies the use of katanas in the La Laguna Quadrilateral fight last weekend

The National Police is investigating the incidents recorded last weekend in the Quadrilateral area of ​​La Laguna related to a brawl in which katanas or knives were not used, but cleaning brush sticks, sources from the body indicated.

At the moment no arrests have been made in relation to the incidents recorded in this leisure area of ​​the lagoon municipality, but the National Police inspects the recordings made and is developing an investigation to clarify the facts.

However, the sources expressed their interest in specifying that at no time did the participants in the incidents carry katanas or other knives, since they were broken brush sticks, as verified by the first agents to arrive at the scene.

The National Police has also indicated that the development of fights in this nightlife area of ​​​​La Laguna “is not unusual.”

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