The mayor and the councilor for Culture of La Laguna denounce the turncoat councilor from Ciudadanos to the Police

The mayor and the councilor for Culture of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez and Yaiza López, respectively, have denounced the refugee councilor from Ciudadanos en la Corporación, Alfredo Gómez, before the National Police. They accuse him of a possible crime of harassment for having publicly disclosed photographs and specific details of the home they both share with their six-month-old son.

Alfredo Gómez publicly denounced last Thursday, during the last plenary session of the City Council of La Laguna, that the mayor and his partner had carried out illegal works in his home, which immediately caused the Urban Planning Department to open an information file to clarify this issue. To endorse his complaint, Gómez has used the corresponding official file, in which all the data of the property appears and in which the denouncing councilor has deleted all his data, which appeared in the applicant section. But he has left the rest, which has been publicly released, always in accordance with the complaint.

Urban Planning technicians visited this Monday the works carried out at the home of the mayor and the Councilor for Culture and, from what has transpired so far, the works have consisted of the closing of a part of a balcony and the lifting of a door, which according to the first measurements would not exceed one square meter. Even so, the technicians will decide if such works would have required the processing of a minor building license and not the procedure used by the construction company, the only communication to the town hall of the work to be carried out. This type of works would not require prior authorization.

From the processing of the file it will also be concluded whether the works are legalizable or, in the case of a serious infraction, they must be demolished.

Gutiérrez and López live in a semi-detached house that is easily accessible from the street, which has led them to fear for their physical integrity and their privacy after the information that identifies and locates her has been disclosed.

It is not the first time that the turncoat councilman from Ciudadanos launches complaints with great noise against the mayor and other people from the La Laguna government team. Last October, Gómez filed a complaint with the city courts for “anomalies in contracts that compromise nearly one million euros of public coffers.” He then said that his complaint was based on the testimony of “some sources” who would have pointed out alleged cost overruns in contracts for the purchase of masks, water bottles and thermometers. The beneficiary company, according to his complaint, would be the one that carried out the reform works in the mayor’s residence. The invoices released by the government group denied the accusations.

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