Sí Podemos Canarias criticizes the commitment of the Cabildo de Tenerife to implement industrial water purification systems

María José Belda, spokesperson for the Sí Podemos Canarias group in the Cabildo de Tenerife, denounces the planning that the island corporation is carrying out in the face of “the serious problem of the discharges that continue to affect our entire Island, showing a lack of high regard for to bet on developing industrial water treatment systems in certain parts of the Island that entail a high economic, energy and maintenance cost for infrastructures, which we consider to be unnecessary”.

The north of Tenerife, fed up with sewage: administrations dispute its treatment while the discharges continue on the coast

The north of Tenerife, fed up with sewage: administrations dispute its treatment while the discharges continue on the coast

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In addition, Belda points out that “the Cabildo continues to ignore the citizen clamor of the Isla Baja region, who continue to demand the implementation of natural water purification systems, adapted to the needs of each municipality, since these avoid the bad odours, noise, waste, with practically no energy expenditure or future infrastructure maintenance costs”.

In this sense, Belda announces that this week “we will ask the island government about the wastewater discharges that are being made into the sea through the underwater outfall of the Charco de La Araña, in the municipality of Los Silos.” After a month and a half has elapsed since the agreement was signed between the Los Silos City Council and the Tenerife Island Water Council (CIATF), which allows these waters from the municipality of Garachico to be discharged into the sea by the outfall of the municipality of Silense , María José Belda declares that her party wants to “know if these discharges that are being carried out comply with current legislation, since we are also concerned about the possible impact that it is having on the Teno-Rasca Marine Reserve of Fishing Interest, a marine area that the government team of the Cabildo has promised to promote and protect”.

The insular spokesperson for Sí Podemos Canarias criticizes “the position of the counselor Javier Rodríguez, responsible for the Sustainability and Fight Against Climate Change area, who does not listen to the demand of the citizens of the north to implement natural purification as an effective and sustainable solution”. Belda points out that “currently we pay the fine imposed by the European Union, of 600,000 euros every six months, as a consequence of the numerous black spots of uncontrolled discharges that we have on the Island; This problem is widespread throughout the territory, so betting on natural treatment plants would be a short, medium and long-term solution without energy cost, which would share the idea of ​​sustainability that we want for Tenerife”.

Sí Podemos Canarias defends that “the natural treatment system is scientifically backed and is present in other places, such as France, where 40% of the treatment plants correspond to this type”. In the case of Tenerife, it is the alternative that should be chosen in many areas, especially in Isla Baja, where the volume of the population is ideal, as recommended by the European Union in its guide for population centers like these ” .

Likewise, María José Belda declares that “the aim is to replace the water supply and irrigation, with purified and desalinated water, so as not to enter into controversy with the ownership of water and continue allowing the use of a basic common good that belongs to all, as a privately controlled speculative resource.

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