Tenerife will drop in level “almost certainly” next week, according to the Canarian Minister of Health

Tenerife, “almost certainly”, will drop in level next week. This has been stated by the Minister of Health of the Canarian Government, Blas Trujillo, on Canarias Radio (RTVC), where he has also indicated that Gran Canaria is going with a “lag” that still does not allow him to confirm his drop in level.

Why Tenerife and Gran Canaria have not gone down to alert level 3, but their restrictions change

Why Tenerife and Gran Canaria have not gone down to alert level 3, but their restrictions change

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This announcement from Trujillo would mean that, based on what was established this Thursday in the Governing Council, Tenerife would enjoy the restrictions of level 2 of the health alert starting next week. The Canarian Executive has arranged a relaxation of restrictions, in such a way that in the islands in level 4 the measures of level 3 will be followed; those found in 3, those in 2; those of level 2 will follow those of 1; and at the lowest level they will remain the same. Therefore, Tenerife would be very close to stepping on the new normal after months.

Why don’t I level down this week?

The director of the Canarian Health Service, Conrado Domínguez, pointed out this Friday in The Morning of the Canary Islandson the Chain Copewhich, despite the fact that “the practical effect [de bajar de nivel] was the same” as the one taken from easing restrictions, “the indicators of block II did not allow to lower them”. That is to say, the Government of the Canary Islands is justified in the healthcare pressure figures presented by Tenerife and Gran Canaria to continue maintaining them at the maximum level of health alert. However, the occupancy rate in the ICU and ward in Tenerife is at high risk (comparable to level 3) and falling, and Gran Canaria, despite the fact that its percentage of occupancy of the beds available on the ward is at extreme risk , is about to go down to high risk, where his ICUs are also located.

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