“We have planted a bomb so that our children are not vaccinated”

The Civil Guard has ordered the eviction of the CEIP Isaac de Vega school, in the municipality of Granadilla, after a bomb warning that several Civil Guard crews are investigating, sources from the armed institute inform Europa Press.

Two anti-vaccine associations send "intimidating letters" to the Canarian schools where schoolchildren are being vaccinated

Two anti-vaccine associations send “intimidating letters” to Canarian schools where schoolchildren are being vaccinated

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The center itself has reported that the eviction began after receiving a phone call in which a person claimed that he had placed a bomb so that the students would not be vaccinated against COVID-19.

As this newspaper has learned, the incident occurred around 10:00 am on Thursday and at this time the investigation of the agents continues to clarify the facts.

However, after verifying that there was no artifact inside the center or in its facilities, the students returned to the classrooms.

Sources from the Granadilla City Council have explained to this newspaper that this morning there was a vacuguagua from the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, which has joined the vaccination campaign against COVID as a mobile point in the capital islands, in front of the facilities of the center, which could have originated the call, which finally turned out to be a “false alarm”.

The territorial director of Education of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Federico Delgado, has condemned this “totally unjustified” action, which “alters the life of the center” and of the students, and their families, as well as teachers and the rest of the workers.

Delgado has detailed that during the intervention of the bodies and security forces, the 430 students from the center were evicted to the nearest school “to maintain their safety and tranquility”, and adds that the bomb warning caused “nervousness and anxiety”.

In addition, he has indicated that the Ministry of Education “is fully committed to moving forward with the responsibility that corresponds to it.”

The Civil Guard deployed agents from the citizen security unit and the explosives deactivation unit (GEDEX), who made checks and cordoned off the center.

In a statement from the center sent to the families, it is indicated that the person who made the call literally said: “We have put a bomb so that they do not vaccinate our children.”

Sources from the Ministry of Education tell Efe that an association against vaccination against COVID-19 has been sending several letters to the Ministry and to some educational centers, even before the plans to administer the doses in educational centers were known.

Other anti-vaccine threats on the islands

This threat is added to those received at the beginning of the month by teaching staff of educational centers in which vaccines are being administered to minors, only to those who have the authorization of their parents. It was the ANPE Canarias union that denounced that professionals participating in the pilot vaccination program for children between 5 and 12 years of age against COVID-19 were being threatened by anti-vaccine groups.

The union stated in a statement that two associations opposed to the vaccination process and the use of masks sent intimidating letters to the centers in which they accused them of committing “serious crimes” and threatened the management staff with initiating legal action against them, as they already did with health workers.

The Canary Islands Health Service has also been the target of anti-vaccines and deniers. In January, thousands of emails were sent to nurses and auxiliaries who participate in the vaccination campaign from December 2021 in the Islands to children under 12 years of age. These professionals received in their corporate emails a document in PDF format with threatening messages regarding the pediatric campaign they are developing to immunize the population between 5 and 12 years of age against the coronavirus, as reported by the director of the SCS, Conrado Domínguez. The letters were signed by two groups: the Asociación Nacional Sovida and the Asociación Nacional Leaders College International.

In the letters it was ensured that they were “committing serious crimes classified in the Penal Code against minors.”

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