Four gas stations in Tenerife with more and better reviews for their sandwiches for a day trip

The weekend arrives and many people on the islands prepare to go on an excursion, either to the beach or to the mountains, but Tenerife there is a curiosity that is very typical of the island: the tour begins, in many cases, by visiting one of the island’s gas stations known for their wide variety (and quality) of snacks.

There are them in the north and in the south, with large cafeterias, lottery stalls, shops, workshops and car wash centers and, of course, diesel dispensers, a whole repertoire of services that make a stop at them already a classic on Saturdays and Sundays for a walk around the island.

Below we have listed four of the most popular and best reviews on the internet which are mandatory stops for bikers, lovers of classic cars, caravanists, hikers and also tourists:

The Chasnera

Located at kilometer 54 of the southern motorway, the TF-1, this gas station in Granadilla has become famous throughout the country because it distributes luck every year in the Christmas Lottery, and also for El Niño, with millions raining who buy a tenth there. In fact, it is common to see long queues of people trying to buy a ticket from when they go on sale in summer until the day before the extraordinary draw. But it is not only a must stop for the Lottery, it also has its cafeteria that attracts those who travel south for work, a day at the beach, or any other reason.

The looker

On the other side of the island, in the north, there is another gas station well known by the people of Tenerife. In the middle of the TF-5, when this has already become a road and is no longer a motorway, is El Mirador, at kilometer point 43, in the municipality of Los Realejos. Its large cafeteria is famous not only for its sandwiches, but also for its desserts and open kitchen until late at night. This site is chosen to have breakfast or stock up on food and drinks by many hikers heading north to take one of the routes through the mountains in the area. Internet users have especially valued, in addition to its “wonderful”, “excellent” and “delicious” sandwiches, the variety of desserts, the coffee, and the impressive views of the north coast of Tenerife.

The volcano

Located on the TF-281, next to the TF-1 at the exit towards Güímar via Arafo, this gas station has, in addition to all the services of a refueling station, a well-known restaurant whose bar is usually very crowded to have a coffee quick and something to eat before continuing towards the south of the island or going up to the towns in the valley. Among the reviews left on the internet by its visitors, of course, the sandwiches and their barraquitos stand out, “the best in the Güímar Valley” for some. In addition, the cafeteria has an area at the bar for take-out orders.

The Bohio

In the north of the island, next to the TF-5 at kilometer 25, municipality of La Matanza de Acentejo, this gas station joins the others in its wide range of sandwiches and good coffee. Most of the reviews on the internet also highlight its desserts and combined dishes, and that it is a recommended place to have something quick and at a good price. In the Santa Cruz sense, it has become an obligatory stop for many people who return after eating at some guachinche in the north.

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