The Las Mercedes gofio mill celebrates 80 years of history

The popular Molino de Gofio de Las Mercedes celebrated 80 years of history on February 2, the day of La Candelaria. “We have dressed our gala mill for the occasion,” shared its owners, who also announced the opening of a photographic exhibition that can be visited from this week, always respecting the COVID measures of capacity and safety distance.

It was at its inauguration that the name “Force of will” was coined, a motto that well sums up all the sacrifice that its start-up required in 1942, a phrase that today can be read on a large poster that hangs at the premises entrance. This phrase is followed by another very curious: “Sponsored by the Virgin of Candelaria”, sponsorship achieved after opening its doors on the day of the Patron Saint of Tenerife.

The mill has fed numerous generations since then, providing the best possible product to all its customers and for which they have achieved numerous awards, the latest being the silver medal in the Official Contest of Agrocanarian Gofios 2021, thanks to its extraordinary gofio de mixture (wheat and millet).

“This is also an excellent opportunity to encourage citizens to consume locally, not only to boost our economy but also so that our identity is not lost,” said the mayor of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez.

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