Experts warn about the illegal sale of used vehicle parts in Tenerife

The Provincial Federation of Metal and New Technology Companies of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Femete) has warned this Tuesday that there are cases of illegal sale of used vehicle parts, which can represent a danger to road safety and the environment. environment.

For this reason, Femete points out in a statement that this practice can have “terrible consequences, highly dangerous for road safety and the environment,” according to Yurena Rodríguez, representative on the executive committee of the federation of companies in the scrapping sector.

After the recent arrest of three workers from a vehicle depot in the south of Tenerife, for the alleged sale of parts or motorcycles that were discharged, the Femete businesswoman highlights that it is only legal to buy and sell used spare parts in Authorized Centers of Treatment (CAT).

These are the ones that comply with the regulations and protect the environment through the correct decontamination of the out-of-use vehicle prior to scrapping, while thus preventing accidents and preserving legal jobs.

However, many people still continue to buy outside of these CAT “without knowing that they are committing an illegality with serious consequences and harsh penalties, by polluting the waste generated and threatening road safety, also promoting the shadow economy, harming the fair competition and job creation”, adds Yurena Rodríguez.

It also adds that a Royal Decree of 2017 dictates that the extraction of parts and components for their preparation for reuse and commercialization can only be carried out in a CAT, and always of vehicles that have previously been definitively removed from the Vehicle Registry of the General Directorate. Traffic and have been decontaminated.

This legal basis must serve to make citizens and businesses aware “of the value of trading and consuming safely and responsibly, knowing what their rights and duties are, how to proceed and, if necessary, to file a complaint”, Rodriguez continues.

To do this, you can use an application that Femete has enabled on its website, in a totally confidential way, and you can also locate, contact, compare and request quotes with some 3,000 companies and legal professionals through the platform “I am legal “.

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