Three employees of a warehouse in Tenerife arrested for selling motorcycles and parts while simulating their destruction

Agents of the Civil Guard belonging to the Main Post of Granadilla de Abona have arrested three workers from a vehicle depot located in the south of the island of Tenerife as alleged perpetrators of a crime of fraud and another of unfair administration.

The investigation began at the beginning of October last year after the complaint filed by one of the injured parties, who reported that he had seen the pieces of a motorcycle he owned which, after leaving it a few months before to an acquaintance so that he could fixed, he had not heard anything about the whereabouts of that person or the motorcycle.

After the aforementioned complaint, the agents of the Civil Guard carried out various steps, thanks to which they were able to find out that several motorcycles that they had in custody had disappeared from a vehicle depot located in the south of the island; however, no complaint had ever been filed for this, which made the agents suspicious.

After taking different statements from several employees of the deposit, the agents found out that on several occasions it had happened that motorcycles, or parts of these, and that were in the aforementioned deposit, had disappeared.

Finally, one of the now accused confessed to the agents that he was in charge of selling the motorcycles, or their parts, to later take the registration plate and the frame to the scrapyard and thus process their removal, making the company believe that the vehicles were completely destroyed, while he and two more employees were profiting from this practice.

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