Santa Cruz de Tenerife will approve an ordinance to allow larger supermarkets and city-hotels

The plenary session of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council will debate this Friday an ordinance that will facilitate the implementation of commercial areas of up to 2,500 square meters, as well as city-hotels, as indicated by the City Council.

The Councilor for Urban Planning of the Capital Consistory, Carlos Tarife, affirms in a statement that by adapting this ordinance to the Canary Islands Trade Law, it will allow more supermarkets to be installed, which, “without a doubt, will generate new jobs and a greater business activity in different areas.

The mayor reported that, on the other hand, it has to do with the implementation of city-hotels, and added that “it will facilitate and continue many very interesting projects and can be added to the important accommodation plant that the municipality already has. and be an attraction for large hotel chains”.

The provisional ordinance has followed the planned procedures, having been initially approved by the City Council in the plenary session held on July 30, and submitted to public information and inter-administrative consultation process.

During the public information period, four allegations were received, in addition to the reports of the three administrations consulted, such as the Trade and Land Management areas of the Government of the Canary Islands, and the Cabildo of Tenerife.

Finally, the provisional ordinance will be in force until the first substantial modification of the General Planning Plan is produced.

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