The Association of Journalists of Tenerife claims transparency and advocates preventing the advance of disinformation

The Association of Journalists of Tenerife (APT), in commemoration of the patron saint’s day, San Francisco de Sales, this January 24, continues to demand transparency to “strengthen the critical spirit” of information consumers and “prevent the misinformation spreads uncontrollably and feeds the confusion and bewilderment of the public”, which promotes, as indicated in a statement, the adoption of erroneous decisions, as well as “distrust towards institutions, public powers, the scientific community and the media itself.

The organization affirms that this document tries to continue the fight against disinformation, “a real plague” that, as it states, “can only be counteracted with the sensitivity of editors and information professionals who are recommended to strengthen and bring to the practices news verification systems so that the citizen is the recipient of truthful, rigorous and reliable information, clearly separated from opinions, so that it is a credible response that strengthens, in each case, coexistence”.

On this commemorative date, the APT raises the need to improve the working and salary conditions of professionals and of those who access their first job, the only way to overcome precariousness and instability, in addition to stimulating the development of their skills and training. .

The Association, in short, after acknowledging the effort that journalists are making, either from home with teleworking or outside it, to fulfill their role as an essential public service, advocates for a social pact that prevents the labor bleeding of journalists, support the survival of the media and renew the prestige and credibility of journalism and journalists as guarantors of freedom. “Our work as a professional organization will always be aimed at collaborating in the improvement of conditions that benefit the group we represent, the journalists, and by extension the companies and institutions where they carry out their professional work,” the statement concludes.

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