‘Bodies’, the most visited spectacular exhibition with real bodies in the world, arrives in Tenerife

bodysuits, the most successful anatomy exhibition in the world, arrives in Tenerife after having been exhibited in more than 18 countries with a total of 30 million visitors. The exhibition, which will open its doors from January 28 to March 27 with a very extensive schedule, will take place in one of the nerve centers of Costa Adeje (south of Tenerife), the Magma Arte y Congresos.

It is an exhibition with 800 square meters of tour through the different areas of the human body where the public can see real organs that have been “carefully preserved” through plastination (a technological process for the conservation of biological materials).

This exhibition has a high cultural and scientific interest, perfect for all ages, with the aim of revealing the secrets of the human anatomy through an educational journey about what the skin really hides, showing how it works like never before. of the most perfect machine ever created: the body. Thus, this proposal will be divided into rooms that represent the six main systems: the bone, then passing through the muscular, nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems.

Tickets can now be purchased online at Tomaticket.es. The organization points out that, given the health circumstances, the exhibition will be totally safe, responsible and sustainable, applying all current COVID-19 protocols and measures.

The company promoting the exhibition is LG Events and Shows SC. Also, this important cultural exhibition has as its main sponsor Asaoye – Association of Animation, Leisure and Entertainment, Hotelier and E. De Canarias, who consider that “it is a unique opportunity to learn about the human anatomy and the importance of caring for the body” .

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