The trial begins against the man who killed his wife and one of his children in a cave in Tenerife

The Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife hosts from next Monday the jury trial in which a man of German origin accused of killing his wife and one of his children in a cave in Adeje is judged -the second son managed to escape-.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests 51 years in prison, reviewable permanent prison and supervised release for 20 years for two crimes of murder and reviewable permanent prison and the prohibition of approaching his other son within 500 meters for 10 years, plus another 10 years of probation for the crime of attempted murder.

Likewise, she requests the deprivation of parental authority with respect to her son and compensation of 500,000 euros, of which 300,000 euros will go to the minor’s legal representative and 200,000 euros to the parents of the allegedly murdered mother.

According to the Prosecutor’s brief, the events occurred in April 2019 during a trip by the accused’s wife to Tenerife -they were undergoing separation procedures- in the company of their two children to visit the father, who spent long periods in the south of the island.

Thus, and under the pretext of looking for gifts in the mountains -following the German tradition of Easter eggs-, they began a walk about ten kilometers from the house and in the vicinity of a cave, “in a lonely and secluded place” , previously planned by the defendant, the events were committed.

There he first attacked his wife in a surprising way with “quite a few strong blows” using his hands and probably a stone and although the woman tried to defend herself, she fell to the ground and was fatally attacked again.

Her eldest son, 10 years old, who tried to defend his mother, was also brutally attacked by his father with stones to the head until he died from the injuries caused by the multiple injuries sustained to the skull and face.

The other son, seven years old, managed to flee the area and wandered alone for hours, traveling more than four kilometers until he was found by a neighbor.

The father, believing that the child would end up dying, maintains the Prosecutor’s Office, returned home, took off his blood-stained clothes, washed and lay in bed until the Local Police officers arrived at the house and arrested him .

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