A young woman arrested in Tenerife South for beating a police officer who denied her flight due to lack of a visa

Agents of the National Police have arrested a 24-year-old Ukrainian woman at the border post of the Reina Sofía airport as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against public order by beating an agent after being denied a flight for not having a visa.

The woman was in the office of an airline company willing to fly to a third country with airport transit in the United Kingdom but it was necessary to obtain a visa that she did not prove she had, so she was informed by the company’s workers that she could not take the flight.

Then, the woman, accompanied by several compatriots, began to hit the office counter and was disrespectful and insulted the workers.

The agents tried to explain the situation to the young woman and calm her down, without success, and even, at one point, hit one of the agents, which led to her arrest and bringing her to justice.

The situation caused by the young woman caused an alteration in the provision of the National Police service that slowed down the control of passengers and documentation of several flights.

The actions were carried out by national police officers from the National Police Border Post at the Reina Sofía airport.

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