“The one from Tenerife will be unique”

The Rodin Museum that will house Santa Cruz de Tenerife will be “unique” and not a “cut and paste” of the one in Paris “and it will unite the vision of the French sculptor with the interpretation that the capital of Tenerife will make of his work, he said. Thursday Amelie Simier, director of the French art gallery.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife will house in its future Rodin Museum a copy of the famous sculpture 'El Beso'

Santa Cruz de Tenerife will house in its future Rodin Museum a copy of the famous sculpture ‘El Beso’

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Amelie Simier has traveled to the Canary Islands to see the place where the Rodin Museum is planned to be located, in the facilities of the Viera y Clavijo Cultural Park, which are in the rehabilitation phase, and which in the opinion of the director of the French art gallery is an “extraordinary” place.

According to Amelie Simier, the Rodin Museum project in Santa Cruz de Tenerife continues in the line of the Parisian center to disseminate as much as possible the works of the sculptor, who in 1916 bequeathed all his works and assets to the French State so that they could be disseminated throughout the world. world.

In addition, the director of the Rodin Museum in Paris has been “surprised to discover” that in the capital of Tenerife there are cultures “of the first world order in all corners”, something that leads to think that it has all the logic “of the world” that this The city is home to the works of Auguste Rodin, considered the father of modern sculpture.

The works to which Amelie Simier alludes are those that the international exhibitions of sculpture in the street, held in 1073 and 1094, have left in the capital of Tenerife, and which have left in the city works by artists such as Joan Miró, Henry Moore, Óscar Domínguez and Martín Chirino.

For the director of the Rodin Museum in Paris it is “extraordinary” to combine a “wonderful” building in a context of “passion” for sculpture, so she is “eager to see the dialogue” between Auguste Rodin’s sculptures and the city.

The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, has indicated that the idea of ​​this Thursday’s meeting was to continue the working day that began in October at the Rodin Museum in Paris.

In Paris they signed an agreement of intentions to conclude an administrative file that allows to rehabilitate a space abandoned for years, the Viera y Clavijo Cultural Park, whose rehabilitation is carried out by a team led by the architect Fernando Menis.

José Manuel Bermúdez has declared that with the Rodin Museum Santa Cruz de Tenerife will become the sculpture capital of Spain and one of the most important in the world, coinciding with the international exhibition, which goes from the García Sanabria Park to the Parque Cultural Viera and Clavijo.

The technical project is practically completed, so the intention is to put the work out to tender this year, to begin the rehabilitation work at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023, the mayor added.

He thanked the Canarian Government and the Tenerife Council for their collaboration, the first of which will contribute some 10 million euros for the rehabilitation of the building, and the amount that the Tenerife Council will contribute is pending to be decided.

José Manuel Bermúdez also highlighted that the building will also house a space for temporary exhibitions, an International Center for Modern and Contemporary Sculpture.

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