Canarian Coalition demands transparency in the social networks of La Laguna with its spokesperson after an anonymous account on Facebook

Hidden owner of a Facebook account from which the government group of La Laguna is systematically attacked from anonymity, the spokesman for the Canary Coalition in that city, Jonathan Domínguez, channels the desires and criticism of the neighborhood and prepares a motion so that the City Council approves a “regulatory ordinance of the creation, management and control of media and virtual means of communication attached to the City Council of La Laguna or any of its agencies, services or public companies”. The matter will go to the plenary session of the Corporation this Thursday and the government group already anticipates that the proposal will be rejected for “lacking legal support.”

Jonathan Domínguez has explained to this newspaper that he has preferred to propose to the plenary session of the Corporation a political and administrative solution so that the official accounts of the City Council of La Laguna on social networks are regulated, duly registered in the data protection registry and managed with maximum transparency so that at all times it is known which person or persons, or where appropriate, which specialized companies operate them.

Failing that, he has said, in accordance with what his political party, Coalición Canaria, advised him, Domínguez plans to go to court because, in his opinion, the 57 accounts on social networks that appear linked to this council are being managed by illegal way.

Asked about the inconsistency of demanding transparency from the council while operating a Facebook account in a hidden way in which the La Laguna government group (PSOE, Avante La Laguna and Podemos) is systematically attacked from anonymity, the spokesman for Canarian Coalition denied the biggest: “I have nothing to do with Amar La Laguna”, the name of the website that is disclosed under that profile. “I wish it were mine,” exclaimed the councilor afterwards, explaining: “It’s a good tool to position our political arguments.” In fact, Domínguez assured that he himself has sent communications to the email of that website “and they never publish them to me.”

web email, [email protected]Indeed, the personal telephone number of Jonathan Domínguez appears linked, as this newspaper has been able to verify through an expert carried out by a specialized agency last December.

Although the expert opinion has been carried out only on the Amar La Laguna account on Facebook, it is pertinent to conclude that the same person manages the profiles on Instagram and Twitter, all of them under the same name, because many of the messages are repeated on all those sites. with the same statements and the same photographs. This is not the case of the Amar La Laguna website, whose contents have not been updated since March 2021.

Thus, in the three most popular social networks, the mayor of La Laguna, the socialist Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, is harshly criticized for the “terrible state of maintenance” of the La Manzanilla stadium, which forced the representative soccer team of the municipality to play a Copa del Rey match in Tegueste. The same thing is repeated on Facebook and Instagram with a citizen’s criticism of the organization of the Tejina rally, or with the musical hobbies of the Town Planning councilor and socialist senator Santiago Pérez, who is part of a group that has just recorded an album .

Jonathan Domínguez has acknowledged to this newspaper that the domain Amar La Laguna, along with others such as I Love La Laguna or Caminar La Laguna, was proposed to him in 2014, when he was part of the Canary Coalition government group with the PSOE. It was through the then socialist councilor Javier Abreu, who worked with a communication agency based on Trinidad Avenue. That agency, according to Domínguez’s account, proposed through Abreu to create a conglomerate of internet sites that would serve as media at the service of the ruling group in the City Council in exchange for economic injections from the Corporation in the form of official announcements or publicity. . The idea was rejected because, according to the CC spokesman, the then mayor, Fernando Clavijo, did not want more actions to be promoted on social networks other than the accounts of the emergency services.

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